Pricing & Information

Fresh Face Stardoll charges 400 starcoins for non-superstars and 40 stardollars for superstars per photoshoot. We only make photoshoots for models that we believe have a chance to make it in the fashion industry. To request an editorial, contact rhfcjnrf on stardoll in her guestbook for an application form.

**Update: Because of the large number of requests coming in for a photoshoot, not all photoshoots will go by the below guidelines. Some photoshoots will consist of two photographs instead of one.

A photoshoot consists of:
-A makeup graphic-enhanced headshot
-A no-makeup graphic-enhanced headshot
-A pose picture.

Examples of each:
A Pose Picture
No-Makeup Headshot
Makeup Headshot

When adding a Fresh Face photoshoot to your model portfolio, credit Fresh Face by adding a clickable link.