Modeling Agency Services

Fresh Face now does photoshoots for modeling agencies in addition to individual models.

If you are an agency in need of photoshoots to showcase the models that represent your agency, here are the packages available:
-Group Photoshoots: This is a picture of all of your models in one picture. If you have over 8 models in your agency, it becomes two, and so on. Each group photo costs $70sd. This package is unavailable in starcoins.
-Spotlight Model Photoshoot: If you have a face of your agency, I can make a 3 page photoshoot for you featuring her for $40 sd or 400 starcoins.
-Multiple Model Photoshoot: This is an editorial showcasing models you handpick from your agency in an editorial. It is $55 for an editorial of four pictures and $80 for an editorial of six pictures. This package is unavailable in starcoins. This is a great way to showcase all of your best models and can draw in clients for your agency.
-Special Requests: Specify exactly what you want and I will name a price if I accept your application.

Agency Name:
Agency Website Link:
Owner Username(s):
Owner Name(s): 
Package Requested:


  1. Agency Name: Sugar Modeling Agency
    Agency Website Link:
    Owner Username(s): hco-hottie23 + Rafi101
    Owner Name(s): Claire Elise + Rafael Gergely
    Package Requested: Spotlight Model Photoshoot for evaki_11!! Thank you :)

  2. Agency Name: Polaroid Model Management
    Agency Website
    Owner Username(s):blingjane
    Owner Name(s): Shani
    Package Requested:multiple model photoshoot