Saturday, October 8, 2011

Photoshoot News!

I have an uncountable list of photoshoot requests, and those three-four page editorials take hours to make.
So I figured out a way to make model headshots/poses in a way so that more people can get that professional graphic 'photo' for their portfolio...

I am now making individual 'photo's.
Headshots (Makeup OR No-Makeup) $15
Full-Body (Pose or Runway) $20

If you've previously requested a full photoshoot, those applications have been discarded and I am now open to new individual photo requests.



  1. Can I have 2 headshots - one with make-up and one without and a full boday pose? That would come to 5Osd ;]

    - Megan

  2. 2 Headshots please, one with make-up and one without.


  3. @Momijigal911: Sure, I'll add you to the list ;) But if I'll be really busy I'll only get to the 2 headshots for $30 ;) I'll try to get in the pose photo though haha.

    @MissClaire1994x: Added you to the list, that comes out to be $30.

    For both of you, they'll probably be out next Sunday.

  4. Like I said before my comment was deleted. I would like 2 headshots(makeup and non makeup) and a full body shot.Thank you

  5. It'll take much longer than I thought, I have a busy weekend ahead of me. But I will try to get to peoples graphics! :)

  6. Hi, I know I'm a pain but once you've worked through your list, could you re-add me to it and make a full body pose for me? Please don't feel rushed or anything, anytime you could would be amazing :)

  7. Sorry but I have so many projects running! I won't be able to add a pose to the list.

  8. I love your graphics and I've just started up my portfolio. I've been featured in a mag, fashion line and I'm part of an agency. I was wondering if I could possibly order a regular package (75sd)? If you don't have time I understand ;D

    My portfolio is