Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just A Reminder

I already began receiving messages in my guestbook from members asking why I haven't released their photoshoot yet, and it's been a week since they've requested one.

Right now, I have 26 photoshoots on my to-do list. No joke. And although the wonderful hrly has taken over for some of the photoshoots for Fresh Face, we still can't do all of these at once! Plus keep in mind that we also have other, for instance, having Fresh Face Models to run, some fashion lines and other projects that I am currently working on for other members, and a magazine as the cherry on top (But more on the magazine later ;) ). 

I am asking for patience from my costumers. And if I don't get it soon, then I'll honestly have to start taking names off the list. We're talking a month long wait right now.

That being said, applications to be a graphic designer (with a monthly pay) are open and can help speed things up ;). Just know that because these are paying customers, I am very picky about the graphic designers I select and their qualifications.

Chloe Davis


  1. I love this project and everything, but I personally think that you shouldn't accept so many requests, because if you don't deliver constantly, people will get tired of waiting and believe that this is not what they are paying for.

  2. Don't worry yourself,Chloe.I know your just Trying to be nice and accept everyone but as Vicky Jazz said,You shouldn't accept as any requests.Because customers aren't going to want to wait.I don't mind waiting.I think the longer you wait the better the graphic you get.(: But seriously your worrying yourself.

  3. Totally understand Chloe. Just take your time. NOthing happens overnight and I know all your projects will be sucessful. I'm a full supporter! :)