Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Even has the sidebar non-makeup & makeup samples and everything! ;)


  1. Hey,
    I know quite a few people who make Photoshoots for Modeling Portfolio's. You're not the only one. Does it matter if someone has the same idea? No It doesn't. Healthy competition never does anyone any harm, and least not your business.

  2. lol theres me..awks

  3. This one is more professionally done, but that one is free.

  4. @Ceaara yea that's you the girl who owns HeadShot Studio is the graphic designer for Neon Blast.:)

    Chloe i don't think Kirsten was trying to copy you.She had made my agency some headshots one day and decided she would make headshots for other people too.And yes your not the only one who does this sort of thing.Others can too...